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ABC's 13 nights of Halloween schedule


Night One – Sunday, October 19th
- 7:00 – 9:00 AM ET/PT: Casper
- 9:00 – 11:00 AM ET/PT: The Addams Family
- 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM ET/PT: Addams Family Values
- 1:00 – 4:30 PM ET/PT: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 1
- 4:30 – 7:30 PM ET/PT: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 2

Dental records


Hanna was put to sleep by -A when she was going to find the dental records.

The police identified the dead body by dental records and said that she was Bethany Young.

-A switched the dental records.

This means that it might not be Bethany who is dead and being dead is a pretty good alibi from being a criminal and being -A.

A theory from a disinterested friend...


Below is a chat conversation between me and a work friend about PLL. I’ve mentioned before, that he is watching this show against his will. I have traded 5 seasons of my show for 5 seasons of his, and he is locked in until the end of 5B. he hates this show, but dutifully engages in the “book club”…


Trying to write another Chapter of 50 Shades of Laced…

Ms DiLaurentis Theory


In the episodes before her death, Mrs Dilaurentis seems to have a bizarre, aggressive behaviour that we haven’t seen to her before. What if ms Dilaurentis is the one with the twin, and her twin is Bethany Young’s real mother? That would make Jessica DiLaurentis Bethany’s real ‘Aunt Jessie’, and…

That Night


Let’s review EVERYTHING that happened that day/night:

That Day;

• Ali stays at Hilton Head with Ian to get her mind off of A, in comes Melissa telling Ian never to see Ali again or someone’s going to get hurt. Ali discovers the NAT videos and takes a copy with her.

• Duncan comes to pick her…

Okay, everyone I have a little theory.
Marlene said that in S5 one of the characters would find out who A is and give the audience a huge clue. I have been waiting for it this entire season and I believe I picked it out of the fatal finale.
In Holbrook’s absence this season everyone has been wondering where he’s been, what he’s been up to. This whole time I figured it was because he was cooking something up. He was onto something big and he has been working on it this whole season, hence his M.I.A.
Now, here is the clue-
“You’ve made quite a mess.” -Holbrook “I’m just curious. When did it all start?” -Holbrook “What?” -Aria “The lies, the cover ups, the murders…” -Holbrook
This clearly tells me that Holbrook is the character who discovers A’s identity, and this is his clue for us.
Holbrook has been behind the scenes this entire season and the first person he personally questions is Aria??? He seeks her out and Radley and confronts her. This obviously tells me (and this is what I already know) that Aria is A and he is on to her.
Nice work, Detective Holbrook.

Reddit Theory. (via pllonabc)

Wasn’t he there to serve some sort of papers or pick up records?? Can’t remember…it was clearly a coincidence he ran into Aria. He actually didn’t ask Aria that ab the murders/cover ups/lies..she imagined it. That’s her guilt bc they all know eventually the police will figure out the truth.

Can we all just have a moment of silence in appreciation of this beautiful creature!! Lawdddd..I love me some Drew Vam Acker aka Jason Di Laurentis.

boldattempt asked: R we ever gonna get another chapter of ur mgk fanfic?....FUCK that was such a gd ass story...

Ummm..I dk. I didn’t think ppl still cared ab it. If enough ppl want it I’ll write another.





I’ve made a post about it, and I feel like every few weeks I should just re post it because, honestly, I love PLL fans, but you…

is ali a sociopath?


  • most sociopaths can commit vile actions and not feel the least bit of remorse
  • sociopaths are willing to hurt whomever whenever if it means that they will achieve their goals
  • sociopaths are perfectly comfortable going through their lives telling a series of lies. in fact, true sociopaths are uncomfortable when they are telling the truth.
  • a sociopath can experience a highly emotional event without displaying the least bit of emotion
  • sociopaths are great at charming people, because they know how to get what they want. charming people know how to make people feel special.
  • their extreme intelligence is part of what makes them so dangerous, because they will often be several steps ahead of people who are on to them and are able to cover their tracks.
  • sociopaths prey on weak people and often stay away from equally strong people; they look for people who are sad, insecure, or looking for a meaning in life (the girls) because they know that these people are soft targets. 
  • she may even make you feel like you’re soul mates (emily) because he or she is so good at reading people that he or she can say exactly what you want to hear.
  • sociopaths prey on people who have trouble thinking for themselves or who are looking for too much guidance (mona/hanna?). 


basically, yes. a lot of these things describe alison’s character, especially the things in bold. I have loads of ideas to do with this below…

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You know what?


How do the cops know that Mona was murdered? I mean, yeah the scene looks like a murder scene, but Mona’s body wasn’t there. We know she’s dead because they show her dead in the trunk, but for all the cops know, it could’ve been someone else’s blood, they don’t test it that quickly…. Just sayin’. But it is a show so it wouldn’t always be so realistic. But I definitely think she is dead, no doubt about it.

Based on the evidence they had on the scene + the amount of blood they found, Holbrook made an educated guess saying it was a Homicide. Once they do their testing it will confirm it.